Always Dessert 1st

The name Always Dessert 1st came from a childhood tradition with my Grandma Karen. On my birthday every year she would take me to dinner where she would call in head of time to have them prep a special dessert or she would bring her own with a candle and all while having them sing to me. We always started with dessert first because that is the best part! That memory is special to me especially with her passing away and thought the title would fit perfectly for this blog since it fits my love of dessert.

I decided to begin this blog in hopes of connecting with other bakers out there and to showcase all the beautiful and delicious desserts we make. For years now very close family and friends have given us such great feedback on the desserts we have given them telling us to open a bakery. I always feel so honored to hear those words and think to myself that I would love to do that but I can’t. I worry about the financial risk and possibly failing at something I love to do, but after many years of positive feedback my husband and I have decided to take bigger steps to make this dream come true. We have begun by looking at how to advance our decorating techniques, how to get our name out there, looking at locations to start a bakery, the steps you have to take to open an at home bakery, etc. It is definitely a lot more work than we thought or hoped for! However, I have finally gotten to a point where I think it is worth it and am excited for the journey that it may take us on. I definitely want to thank everyone who has supported us and encouraged us to open a bakery we are truly hoping that we will be able to and are taking every step we can to get there 🙂

For bakers who are out there either doing an in home bakery or a store front possibly a food truck I would love any feedback or advice that you have about starting the process or opening a bakery.

Thank you everyone and there will be more posts to come!

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