The Most Magical Place

The most recent big travel I had was August 2016 for my husband and I’s 1 year wedding Anniversary trip to Disney World in beautiful Orlando, Florida! This was truly the most magical place I have ever been too 🙂 We chose this destination because we wanted a warmer destination compared to our honeymoon and since we are kids at heart we thought the trip would be a lot of fun!

Each year to celebrate our wedding anniversary we take one big trip to a destination that we have never been to before. However, in this case, we both went as children but as we all know you can only remember so much as a kid (I was 5 years old when I went with my grandparents and brother) that when we went we both felt like this was something completely new!

What I loved about booking on the Disney website was that they made everything easily accessible. You were able to choose your resort, room, tickets, flight and set up transportation to and from the airport. This made booking a lot easier! Since we didn’t want to rent a car for an added expense when you book with Disney you are able to use the magical express for no added cost that picks you up and brings you back to the airport when it is time to leave. We also booked in June where they had special deals going on which saved us 30% off! They also send all your information to you a month or so in head of time where you receive your magic bands along with other special savings coupons and information regarding the flight and resort. The magic bands were one of our favorite things we received from the trip! Not only are you able to customize them with your name and color- you can connect your banking account to the band so when you go shopping in the Disney parks and resort all you do is use the magic band along with it opening the door to your room- they are amazing! 🙂 20160804_064439Our adventure began with an early morning flight that was our first flight together we were pretty excited!!! 🙂 Not too bad of a flight from Minneapolis to Orlando only a little over 3 hours. When we arrived at the Orlando airport it was beautiful the map and directions they give you in the pamphlet they send is very helpful to find your way to the magic express bus.

We stayed at the All Star Sports Resort which was beautiful!!! They had 2 amazing pools one was extremely large and long; the other one was a decent size a little smaller but had a cute Disney touch in the middle. We swam in both pools on our second and third day there which were incredible! 🙂 We loved all the cute Disney touches throughout the resort that they incorporated into the sports theme.

When we arrived we had to check in and found out that they upgraded our room from two queens to one amazing KING size bed! This was some awesome news at no extra cost! Also when you book your stay you can put in some requests we asked for a top floor by the football stadium and to possibly get our room early- we got all 3 requests fulfilled we couldn’t have been happier with our stay at this resort 🙂

Another thing we loved about our resort was the amazing food! They have almost every cuisine possible cafeteria style but delicious! You can buy things ala carte style but they also have stations from burgers, pasta, pizza, breakfast options in the morning, lunch options in the afternoon… they have so much to choose from! What we did to cut down cost (since it can be expensive for one entrée) was split the food- the second day during lunch was the only day were we both got our own meal and we regretted it because it was too much food! Another great option is to buy their refillable mugs we saved so much money using those they only allow you to fill up on fountain drinks but water is included in that as well. We also loved the ability to eat outside they had cute areas with umbrellas that we really enjoyed! 🙂 The first night when we came back, we saw earlier in the day they had pizza so we had some pizza the first night and then saved the other part of the pizza for the next night to cut down cost as well.

If your someone who likes to be super active and workout everyday like we do they also have some great running trails that they map out by the all star resorts we did those both mornings along with swimming and of course all the walking around the parks is great too! 🙂 20160805_085105 (Our not so flattering photo after our run lol)

On the first day we explored Disney Springs, which was really cool to see there were a lot of shops a good amount were tourist based (which is what we were looking for), but they also had a strip mall that had stores non Disney based where you can buy clothing or decorative pieces for your home. We also went back there the last night before we left and found a restaurant that made a delicious sandwich along with an amazing cookie!

Our second day is when we went to Magic Kingdom which was one of my favorite places!

They had so many great rides- don’t forget to use your fast past selection when booking it definitely saves some time!

They also had a lot to explore and some cute shops as well. My favorite part was at night when we watched the firework show behind the castle it was the most beautiful production put on it was not only fireworks but music they were the best I have ever seen! 🙂

Afterwards while waiting for the electrical parade we shared a sundae in the square which was a lot of fun and the parade was amazing as well! 🙂

On our second day we went to Epcot which was like exploring a whole bunch of different countries on the same day!

They have a map that you can follow and even boats to take you to the different ones we tried that once which was a lot of fun 🙂 20160806_182401We stopped at China to have our lunch that day delicious orange chicken with white rice and egg rolls was super good!

They had so many great shops with the different souvenirs tailoring to each country, which was cool to see and look at.

They also had some really fun rides we went on a space ship and a super fast car (that was my favorite!).

They had an illuminated firework show at night time, which was really pretty too! 🙂

Our trip to Disney World was truly magical and something we would highly recommend! We decided at the end, this is a place we would want to come back to 🙂 20160807_074141

I hope this post helps you plan your next vacation! If there are any questions or thoughts please feel free to comment below 🙂 Would love to hear other peoples experiences at Disney World as well!

Thank you for reading my post along with any likes or comments ❤



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  1. Debbie says:

    It sounds like they were very accommodating. When we were there, I was happy with all the little extras they thought of.
    It was so much fun shopping for souvenirs!
    A trip to remember ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  2. They definitely were! Really glad that you guys had such a great experience there too 🙂 Yes the souvenirs were awesome! Definitely a trip to remember ❤


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