Spontaneous Trip to Duluth

Minnesota is one of our favorite places to travel to 🙂 We have been there several times doing and seeing new things. One of our most memorable times was when we traveled to Duluth at the end of May 2015 🙂 This was one of our most spontaneous road trips, which made it a lot more fun! That day we thought we would travel to Two Harbors see the waterfalls and come back home, but it turned into way more of an adventure!

That day as we began our road trip we passed through Superior, which has the most stunning views of lake superior. Both being water people we had to stop off at the scenic view and take in the beauty. It was a little chilly being the end of May, but the sun was out and we had a blast walking around all of the rocks 🙂

From there we continued through Duluth and made our way to Two Harbors. This is where we saw Gooseberry Falls 🙂 The trails to get to the falls were nicely done and easy to navigate through. What we loved where the different parts of the falls- they had it where you could explore the falls top to bottom, which was really neat 🙂 They have a gift shop as well with some cute souvenirs too!

After our fun adventure seeing Lake Superior and Gooseberry Falls we decided it would be too much of a travel to come back that night and decided to find a hotel to stay at. We called around and Super 8 was the only one with a decent price that had a room to stay in! Everywhere else was booked! We were happy to get a room and they had free complimentary breakfast in the morning to start our day off right! 🙂

The next morning on our way home we thought it would be fun to explore more of Duluth. We checked out the brochures at the hotel and found a zoo that was near by. The zoo was awesome! It had almost every animal there! We enjoyed walking around and seeing all the different animals-they even had a waterfall there too! 🙂

After exploring the zoo we saw that they have a light house museum at the Maritime Center, which is something I definitely recommend checking out! Its really neat to see the bridge go up and see the huge boats travel across the lake. They have the light house outside and a huge museum with lots of history, which we really enjoyed 🙂

While we were in the area we found some shops to explore and a chocolate factory! Of course we had to go inside and buy some chocolate- that was absolutely delicious! Must check out when you go there 🙂

duluth-39I hope this helps with your next trip to Duluth or planning one! I would love to hear any fun travels while in Duluth or Minnesota!

duluth-50Thanks for reading along with any comments or likes ❤


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  1. Debbie says:

    I love Lake Superior. I want to take a trip up there this summer.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Definitely a beautiful place to visit and will be much warmer then! 🙂


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