The Dangers of Blogging

These past few days have been hard for me, in regards to getting back into blogging. On Monday I experienced a very scary event that led to me questioning whether or not to continue blogging. After making my previous post about my fun travels to Dominican Republic I always enjoy checking out the sites of people who take interest and like the posts that I make. So I went to check out one of the blogger’s site that led me to a virus site all of a sudden I was being told that they were stealing my Facebook password along with my credit card information and to call this number. This scared me since I had to work hard to even get out of the page I was worried that they possibly stole my information I got out of the site as soon as possible and did a full system restore on my computer along with changing every single password that I had. This took a lot out of me and made me question whether or not blogging was safe anymore. I didn’t want to risk people stealing my personal information, I felt very defeated but I also didn’t want to give up something that I have found so much joy and passion in doing. After almost 2 months I have found a really big excitement in blogging I love writing posts along with meeting other bloggers and reading theirs, so after speaking to my husband he encouraged me to continue. As this being my first blog post since its hard to write about anything else, but I am really happy that I have decided to continue blogging and will be more careful here on out. I also just wanted to make others aware as well to be careful because I would hate for this to happen to anyone else.

Sorry that this post was a little bit more on the somber side. I hope next time I write I will be back to my old ways sharing recipes or a fun travel story with family.

Thanks for reading this post along with any comments or likes ❤

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