Winter Wonderland Ski Trip

With Spring coming up, I was reflecting back on one of my favorite trips this past winter. For Christmas, my mom took my husband, brother and I skiing in Wakefield, Michigan at the Indianhead Mountain Ski Resort 🙂 I hadn’t been skiing since I was a kid and it was my husband’s first time so we knew it was going to be a fun adventure!

Ski 1

We began the day with checking in to the hotel room my mom got all of us at the resort- it was super cute, it had a nice rustic look with flannel sheets of course 🙂 Then we rented our ski gear for the day- when choosing ski boots keep going up in size until they feel comfortable, which can be several sizes bigger than what you typically wear! lol We started with the bunny hill, which I highly recommend especially if you are a first time skier. It allows you to get comfortable on the slope and practice important safety moves like stopping and going. What I really liked about this resort was that it had an escalator to take you back up the hill instead of having to hold an electric rope. We had lots of fun on the bunny hill, we were probably playing around for hours! 🙂

After that we stopped in the resort and had some lunch- we basically had snack foods since we were planning on having dinner later on. My husband and I split a huge order of cheese curds and had a cup of hot cocoa 🙂 They also had sandwiches along with other appetizers that I highly recommend!

Ski 3Ski 4

Afterwards, we went down the bunny hill a few more times and then everyone felt ready to take on the big hill. They have different levels of difficulty- we just went on the easiest version which is green. It was a little more scary than I remember, but it was fun and we took our time. My advice if your scared your going to fall push yourself to fall instead of falling out of your own control that’s what I did! lol Also as an adult, I recommend getting poles when I was growing up I only used poles for cross country skiing, but this time when I was trying to get back to the lift it was hard with not much momentum to get there.

Ski 6Ski 5Ski 7

After skiing we took advantage of the other great things the resort had to offer including a bar and game room where we toasted to Christmas and the upcoming new year 🙂 They even had a cute gift shop where they had some great sales on hats along with shirts and other souvenirs. One of my favorite features was the fireplace in the main room- nothing says Christmas like a warm fire you can sit next to 🙂

Afterwards we got changed back in the room where we decided to exchange gifts and then headed off to dinner 🙂 They had some delicious options including salmon, steak, pasta- I had the salmon which was delicious! They truly give you a feast that includes potatoes, vegetables, salad and dessert! After our nice meal we topped off the night by sitting in the hot tub and sauna along with swimming in the pool 🙂 The best part was not many people were in there so we basically got it all to ourselves! The beds were super comfy and the breakfast in the morning was a great day starter 🙂

Ski 9

I highly recommend going to the Indianhead Mountain Ski Resort if you are looking for a fun place to ski or even celebrate your next Christmas- I have so many great memories from our trip that I enjoy looking back on 🙂

Thank you for reading along with any comments or likes ❤

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  1. I don’t know how to ski, in fact just the thought of it scares me. I have cross country skied, and that didn’t impress me too much!! Look like you had a great time on your ski trip and that you made some lasting memories!

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  2. It can be scary at first but once you get the hang of it and know how to stop it’s really fun lol 🙂 Yea I haven’t been cross country skiing since I was a kid that can be quite the workout this is much easier lol I definitely did it was a blast! I definitely recommend trying sometime even if you only do the bunny hill that is a lot of fun and way less scary 🙂


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